about me


I have always been passionate in photography since my teenage years. I actually got my very first camera when I was 16 and still remember the excitement of developing my first photos. Since, I have been creating photographic memories to promotional videos of diverse events from landscapes to car competition and sports wear in such amazing countries within Europe such as, England, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland just to mention a few and as far as Bali, Indonesia. Based in London, I also promote tourism and promotional videos from small to large companies.


My passion is being outside and creating dreams into reality. I love the never ending challenge of trying to portray ‘that feeling’. You know, the warm evenings at twilight, the sense of isolation when you have a mountain to yourself and the sound of waves lapping the shore of an empty beach. My images are all about the outdoors and each of them tells you a different story. To help portraying these stories, I have created a YouTube channel, and you can view it by clicking on the small icon above.